What distinguish our models?

The sheer numbers often do not tell the real differences between the models and it is especially difficult to recommend the best fitting yacht to a customer based only on the numbers.

Since the E-volution 660 has become a successful player in the market, we have continuously received inquiries about the existence of a smaller model.

People search for the E-motion 600 mainly for the following reasons:

We installed the E-motion 600 with most of those features, practical solutions which are well-known and liked in the E-volution 660.

The most important dimensions of the boat are not decreased or are only reduced slightly; for example the cockpit is exactly as long as it is in the E-volution. The length of the hull is also not reduced under 6m, so the boat is able to span most of the waves in Balaton unlike many competitors. In these wave does the E-motion not begin to pitch up and down like a 5.3-5.5m long motorboat.

The quantifiable differences are summarized in the table below:

AspectE-motion 600E-volution 660
Full length6.0 m6.6 m
Full width1.8 m2.1m
Capacity6 persons7 persons
Cabin sizeBerth for 2 Berth for 2+1
Cockpit sizemax. 5-6 personsComfortable up to 7 persons
Size of the sunbathing front deckFor 1 personFor 2 person
CE categoryCC
PriceFrom € 27.500From € 39.900

As you can see from the above listed data, the difference is basically one category.

We recommend the E-motion to those who ship usually with their partner or with small family and use the boat rarely with a larger group. According to our experience, the E-motion is a great choice for clients considering to purchase a simple fishing boat with electric engine but the quality, the fun factor and the value of their investment on the long term are relevant aspects in their decision.

We recommend the E-volution to those who like to be on board with big company, who plan to do longer tours as 6-7 persons can be on board comfortably and the yacht smoots out even the bigger waves.

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